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Why Hoodies And Nose Masks Should Be Handy In This Covid-19 Pandemic Era

As the world battles with a pandemic Corona virus, a lot of people have been thrown into confusion knowing that there is no actual cure for the disease. It is at this juncture that the popular saying “prevention is better than cure” becomes a heartbeat of all and sundry.

The epidemic could have been controlled three weeks ago had there been more openness, swift action, and no attempted cover-up. The disease is spreading faster and since there is no proven cure, the world halts tightly at prevention.

How then can we fight Covid-19? With a combined effort I must say in creating more awareness at the grassroots and help one another stay safe.

Heat could make the virus uncomfortable to spread and inducing heat could be a preventive measure.How can this be done? Don’t think to far, we have quality hoodies that come together with a mask as your free package.

This will be a super preventive measure that protects your hands and your face in a time like this.The hoodies will help provide full protection for the upper region of your body. One of the most common preventive measures so to speak asides hygiene and use of sanitizers is the mask.

As mentioned earlier, the hoodie will come with a free mask. These masks are not the professional masks which are now globally sought-after but cotton masks used by both healthcare workers and the public.

The need for your hygiene to be upgraded is very important with the hoodie and mask. The hoodie should be kept clean always and the nose mask changed after one use. It is disgusting to use a mask repeatedly as contents from your nose and mouth will soil it.

Maintain proper hygiene and most importantly stay safe!

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