Richard Mille Wrist Watch | Water Resistance

  • It is a water resistance wristwatch which means it can be used to bathe, swim, and can be worn in the rain.
  • It is Made with strong and Good materials.
  • It has chronograph functions which means it can be used as stopwatches for racing, timing, and accurate distance measurement.
  • It has a functioning and accurate date instead of checking your calendars for dates.
  • This watch materials is made with Strong Silicon Strap
  • It has a long life durability and long life battery span




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Product Description

Richard Mille Wrist watch (Rm-35-0) | Red Color

Plated With Stone
High Water Resistance
Strong silicon Strap
High Durability
Made with A strong and Good materials
44mm Diameter

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Richard Mille wrist watch is also water resistance and as well durable.



  1. The watch is amazing 😍 Just got mine today… thumbs up for it man 👍

    • I’m happy you love it. Thanks for the review.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Super super super amazing!!! The design, the color, I love everything about it.
    I was reluctant about testing the water resistance before but I later did and it’s indeed true!
    You should buy it!

    • Hi Oladimeji, you shouldn’t be scared to give the water resistance a 😄 we are actually sure of what we sell.

  3. People literally notice this watch in all my pictures lol…

    Thanks for the outstanding service.

    The design is awesome!

    • Hi Tomiwa, thanks for letting us know. Don’t forget to check other fashion product in stock.

  4. 5 out of 5

    StoreNig isn’t your regular kind of E-COMMERCE website.

    It’s top-notch among all.

    It’s reputable.

    I have been patronising this wonderful E-COMMERCE store since time immemorial…

    Be it cloth, hoodies, etc.

    StoreNig is kind to their customers.

    Because, its reputation is known — regarding my experience with StoreNig, I never made a second thought on the wristwatch. I did purchase it with immediate effect. And it’s glowing!

    You should get it, too.

    Will be getting for my younger ones, also!

    It’s classic.

    StoreNig or StoreNig…

    It can’t be StoreNig or nothing!


    I bet you won’t regret patronising StoreNig.


    • Wow! All this long piece for us alone.


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